Spin classes have become the new crave. We hold 30 of the best spin bikes to offer. Motivating instructors help you work your way through the classes along with great music. Norton Pines now offers up to five different types of spin classes for you to enjoy. Twenty four advance sign up is available through the front desk to guarantee your spot on a bike. Check out our latest adult fitness schedule for class times.

Spin: 60 minutes One full hour of cardiovascular conditioning in a group cycling class.

Spin & Yoga:

Abs & Spin: 80 minutes start your workout off with 20 minutes of abs in the yoga studio followed by a full hour of spin.

Spin & Abs: 60 minutes 45 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning in a group cycling and 15 minutes of abdominal and core work.

Spin & Sculpt: 30 minutes Spin and sculpt is a great class for someone that wants to take spin for the first time. A great 35 min ride with fun music finishing with some weights or bar, abs with a cool down.
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