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Full Service Salon
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Rejuvenation Salon is a full-service salon offering the best in beauty, wellness, and body care. Located within Norton Pines Athletic Club, our salon offers premium services to both members and non-members alike. At Rejuvenation Salon we know that outward changes have the power to transform how you think and feel about yourself. We believe that a hair cut has the ability to uncover natural beauty and we understand that a new hair color has the potential to renew your sense of confidence. That’s why we focus on providing a salon experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, pampered, and proud to show yourself off.
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AVEDA’s Invati™ Line
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Revitalize thinning hair at Rejuvenation Salon with AVEDA’s invati™ line which offers dramatic results that work to recover hair loss and restore youthful confidence. The exfoliating shampoo, scalp revitalizer, and thickening conditioner in the three-step women’s treatment is proven to reduce hair loss by 33%. For those who think balding is inevitable, AVEDA’s two-step men’s solution is proven to reduce hair loss and support strength and growth. If you’re experiencing thinning hair, give this product line a try and get hair you’re happy to show off!.
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color product
Feature AVEDA Color Conserve™ Line
Protect color and prevent fading with AVEDA’s Color Conserve™ line. With this 4-step system you can preserve vibrancy, increase shine, and lock in your look. The color conserve™ shampoo and conditioning treatments keep your hair color looking radiant long after you leave our salon. Use the color conserve™ daily color protectant to defend against factors that promote fading like heat from styling tools or exposure to the sun. Complete the collection with the color conserve™ strengthening treatment which works to nourish and strengthen color-treated hair.
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Smooth Infusion Line
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Soft, easy-to-manage hair has never been more attainable than with AVEDA’s Smooth Infusion™ line. This collection of plant-infused products gives you the power to tame frizz and prevent flyaways, even on humid days! The smooth infusion™ shampoo and conditioner provides a relaxing lather that will leave your hair feeling silky-smooth. In combination with the naturally straight serum, nourishing styling cream, and smoothing masque, maintaining your style all day is easier than ever! Protect your softened tresses against surface damage with the style-prep smoother, and preserve its lustrous shine with the aloe-infused glossing straightener.
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curly product
Be Curly Line
Let your hair down and embrace its true texture and volume with AVEDA’s Be Curly™ line. The shampoo, conditioner, and co-wash treatments gently cleanse your hair and strip away build-up from your scalp to give definition to your curls and waves. The frizz-taming formula of the Be Curly style-prep improves the look of curls, while the curl enhancer and hair spray work to give all-day control to every coil and strand! Use the intensive detangling masque on those hard-to-separate snarls and reduce breakages and split-ends. To achieve more manageable hair, complete your look with the curl controller and end your styling routine with hair worth celebrating!
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Men’s Line
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You don’t have to keep up on all the latest hair care products or styling trends to look and feel your best. At Rejuvenation Salon we offer straight-forward services for real men. Whether you’re looking for a basic cut, simple styling techniques, or easy-to-use grooming products like pomade and firm hold gel, we’ve got you covered! Learn about effortless alternatives to going grey and get solutions for thinning hair. Taking pride in your appearance doesn’t have to be time consuming and looking great is never out of reach. Stop into Rejuvenation Salon and let our experienced stylists prove to you just how hassle-free being handsome can be!
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dry remedy
Dry Remedy Line
You don’t have to settle for dry, damaged hair with AVEDA’s Dry Remedy™ line which offers immediate relief for brittle, dehydrated hair. The moisturizing shampoo and conditioner drenches your hair with intense nourishment while the moisturizing masque and daily moisturizing oil seal in hydration for healthy-looking hair that lasts. Feel instantly transformed at Rejuvenation Salon and leave dry, fraying hair in the past!
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