How To Use The Rotary Calf

This machine works the calf, the main muscle located on the back of the lower leg. The calf muscles is also known as a gastrocnemius muscle, meaning it’s visible on the body and does not lie underneath like other muscles do. We work our calf muscles everyday by walking, going up steps and so on. The function of this muscle is known as plantar flexion, meaning “elevate the heel”. If we didn’t have calf muscles it would make it very difficult to walk since there would be no muscle to push off the ball of your foot.

  1. Adjust the chair to where you need it to be for your height.
  2. Pull the black knob on the back of the chair and adjust the seat so you have a slight bend in the leg.
  3. After adjusting the seat, sit down and place your feet on the foot pedal.
  4. Make sure the weight stack is at the weight you’d like to use while working out
  5. For working your calf muscles, take your toes and point them downward.
  6. When pushing and pointing your toes downward, avoid using the tops of your legs.
  7. Focus on using your calves by bending at the ankle while pointing your toes and bringing your foot back up.
  8. Make sure you go slow and don’t make it too easy for yourself. At the same time, don’t overwork your muscles!

You can repeat this movement for as many reps as your legs can handle. Try starting with 10 reps and take a quick 10-15 second break. If you’re up to it, make the weight stack heavier, or continue with another set of 10 reps. Typically a good workout would range from three to five sets of 10 reps. If you’re just starting out on the machine as a beginner, go nice and easy. Remember, you aren’t going to see change in the first day, but you will feel it the next day!